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Zach Friedman

I had the great fortune of working with Lauren Alexander over six months while searching for my first home. I was new to the Charlotte area and was admittedly slightly overwhelmed by the search process. Lauren, a Charlotte native, not only helped me understand what each area of Charlotte had to offer but helped me decide which part of town would best suit my lifestyle. While touring numerous properties around the Charlotte area, Lauren always gave her expert opinion without ever trying to force me into a sale. I believe this was simply because Lauren truly wanted me to find the home that was perfect for me. Once I finally found the perfect home, months later, Lauren handled the negotiation and closing process with great confidence and helped me make a competitive offer to secure my first home. I closed on the home and planned to do a few touch-ups to the home before I moved in. At this point, Lauren had done her job and could have forgotten about me. However, she went above and beyond, she helped me find a painter and even let the workers into my home since I was out of the state. Lauren is not only an exceptional realtor but a truly good person, and I feel grateful to have had her a resource. I could not recommend a realtor more than Lauren Alexander.

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