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The Market is Moving, Are You?

The market is moving, are you? Summer’s here and the hot market is starting to cool down. We’re all aware and have seen in the news that a shift is been on the horizon. While it’s true that we’re not seeing quite the frenzy we were in 2021 and early 2022, an important thing to understand is that a slowdown doesn’t mean a downturn. The market is still projected to grow, just at a slower pace for a while.

Owning real estate remains one of the best hedges against inflation and is a tangible asset that you can live in or can be income producing. We believe it is of utmost importance to know where you stand as the market shifts into the next cycle; knowledge is power! Having a good understanding of your property value can help you plan smarter— whether it’s estate planning, kids, leasing, retirement planning, or any other financial life decisions. In fact, if you are planning your next step in life, it is easier to move now than during the past couple of years because we are seeing balance come to the market.

We know your home is likely your biggest financial asset, and the news about market shifts can feel very overwhelming. Native Collective wants to assure you that we’ve been here through market shifts before. We always remain strong, steadfast, and sensitive; this is how we do business during the lows (like 2008) as well the highs (2020-2021). Therefore, we always encourage you, as NC natives and members of our local community, to reach out to us for an assessment.

Connect with us for an assessment of your own home so we can help identify your best path forward. Let’s navigate through this together.

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