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Swooning for Mixed Metals

The mixed metals phenomenon has been upon the world of residential interior design for several years now. The trend was initially adopted somewhat slowly by the general public. Admittedly, I was one of those people. Sure, I could envision chrome and brushed nickel peacefully cohabitating in a kitchen or bath. But chrome and gold? Black and bronze? No way.

Thankfully, the early adopters of the design world who embraced and implemented mixed metals into their craft put forth layered and nuanced designs that enveloped us with warmth and gave us depth we hadn’t realized we had been missing. They challenged our perceptions of what “goes together” and what doesn’t. Today, a harmonious blend of mixed metals is all but expected in residential interior design for high end, custom homes.

"Sticking to one metal finish / tone seems a little "flat" to me", says Tammy Coulter, interior designer for The Towers. "There are so many gorgeous light fixtures. So many gorgeous pieces of hardware. So many gorgeous plumbing fixtures. I like the beauty of the different tones and different pieces working together, and yes...I also like the flexibility and convenience of embracing multiple metal tones."

We are extremely proud of the incredible work done by designer Tammy Coulter and her team at The Towers. Each and every residence has been carefully curated with a custom blend of finishes, resulting in 18 stunning luxury townhomes, each with its own personality. "It's ok to have polished nickel faucets and black hardware", says Coulter. "It's ok to mix your warm golds and your cool silvers. Just don't get too crazy, right?"

Residence 7 features a cool and crisp combo of chrome and matte black- classic!

The master bath in Residence 6 (recently under contract) accomplishes harmony in chromes and warm gold tones thanks to a fresh, white background.

Mixed metals AND mixed wood tones achieve a super custom vibe in the kitchen of Residence 12.

Mixed metals mastery! Thanks to a clean and neutral canvas, Residence 8 is able to blend warm brushed gold, chrome and various tones of stainless steel with ease.

For more information on the residences featured here, contact the Sales Team at

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